How to market drone video

November 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

With the advent of new media, like drone video and walkthrough videos, how do you get people to check out these marvels of modern technology?

1. Create your own website

Website domain hosting services like GoDaddy charge about 7 bucks a year for a website address and for just a little more you can use their website builder service to build a single page website for your property. Since you control the website, you control the content 100%. In addition to posting photos and information about a site, you can embed videos of your listing. The website address you purchase can be the same as the address of the property, more than likely no one else will own it.  

2. The Face Book

Facebook has many marketplace groups you can join and where you can post your listing. Make sure to follow the group guidelines for your post, some don't allow real estate listings by agents. If you are including a link to a youtube video to a group like "Newport News Trash and Treasure" make sure the YouTube video preview photo is set to one that you want to show off in a Facebook listing. The YouTube link will show up as a the preview photo for that video.  

3. Pinterest

Do you have an especially good looking property listing? Pinterest is driven by flashy photos. Creating an account is free and a well composed photo linked to your video may garner international acclaim. Photos from Pinterest have the potential to end up decorating someone's "wall" and from there lead to interest from out of your geographic area.   

4. Twitter

Ugh, Twitter. If you already have the followers, this is a no brainer. If you don't already have a Twitter account, creating one is free. Once you have an account you need followers, and to get followers you have to follow other people. When you post a link to your video, everyone who is following you will see your update.    

I hope this helps. Traditional marketing has been thrown on its head with social media now taking up everyone's eyeballs. Many people have "cut the cord" and rely on social media and the internet for their self driven content, instead of being spoon fed by cable and network TV.  The quest for marketing in this new age is to get your info in front your audience on sites they and their friends decide on going to themselves.  




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